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Ultra-small Latching Solenoid Valve NLV Series



1.  Outer dimensions: Dia. 5.7 mm x H32.5 mm

An innovative ultra-small solenoid valve - can be mounted in the smallest of spaces, miniaturizing application space and shortening the length of flow paths.


2.  Highly chemically inert diaphragm valve

PEEK and Perfluoroelastomer are used for wetted materials. Materials can be changed according to your requirements.


3.  Internal volume only 4.3 μl

Through pursuing miniaturization to the uttermost, internal volume is now only 4.3 μl. The internal volume of the valve chamber, which can be a dead volume, comprises only 0.75 μl of this. This contributes to reductions in reagent/sample quantities and improvements in analysis accuracy.


4.  Latching solenoid valve

The open/closed status of valve is maintained by permanent magnetic force. No energization is required to maintain the valve status. Contributes to energy saving and lower heat generation due to energisation. Power is required while changing the status (Open to Closed, Closed to Open). Also, it is necessary to reverse the current's polarity to change the status.

Specifications of the Ultra-small Latching Solenoid Valve

Model Number




Orifice Diameter

0.4 mm

Port Connection

Hose barb

Operating Pressure Range

IN 100 kPa

OUT 50 kPa

Fluid Temp. Range

10  50 °C

Ambient Temp. Range

10  50 °C

Rated Voltage

5 VDC, 12 VDC

Power Consumption

1.5 W (when energised)

Coil Type

Latch Type Solenoid

Insulation Class

Class B

Dielectric Strength

800 VAC 60 seconds

Diaphragm Materials

Perfluoroelastomer (Optionally FPM)

Body/Hose Barb Materials

PEEK (Optionally PPS)


Dimensions of the Ultra-small Latching Solenoid Valve

Note: Details including specifications may change without notification.



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April 12, 2014 00:04 AM