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Cartridge Type Piezo Pump for Biotech Devices

Cartridge Type Piezo Pump.png

Can be Easily Replaced for Each Fluid


A built-in magnet enables the pump cartridge to be easily removed

  from and attached to an actuator with a piezoelectric element.

Steriliztion of the pump cartridge prior to use is possible.

No metal is used as wetted materials.

Self-priming is possible.

Flow rate is adjustable by changing drive voltage or drive frequency.

Small-sized, lightweight and slim.

Low noise and low power consumption.

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Model Number


Pump Type

Piezoelectric Diaphragm Pump

Typical Flow Rate

20 ml/min

Typical Pump Pressure

20 kPa

Drive Voltage

60 to 250 Vp-p

Drive Frequency

10 to 60 Hz

Typical Suction Load Pressure

-1.0 kPa

Operating Temp.

 5 to 50 °C

Wetted Materials

COC (Cyclic Olefin Copolymer)
EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer)

External Dimensions

33 x 33 x 6.9 mm


Approx. 13 g

Input / Output Pipes

φ1.8-φ2.8-L5.0 mm

The data above are based on sine wave drive. Flow rate and pump pressure are larger if driven by Takasago Standard wave.

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Application Example of the Cartridge Type Piezo Pumps

Flow Control System for a Biotech Application


The features of the Cartridge Type Piezo Pump are most useful for applications sensitive to cross-contamination, for example, biotech devices. It also works most effectively when used with other replaceable items as a system. The system in the photo above is one example; a circulation system of culture medium, which consists of a cartridge type flow sensor, the Cartridge Type Piezo Pump, and a controller. As the flow sensor monitors the flow and the controller adjusts the output of the pump accordingly, the flow remains very stable even over a long period, despite changes in the liquid level. Programmed flow control using an external input is also possible. All wetted parts can be replaced after each cell/tissue culturing cycle is completed.


1.The controller is compatible with other Takasago piezoelectric micro pumps. It is also customisable for other flow sensors. Please contact us for details.

2.The flow sensor in the photo above is manufactured by Aichi Tokei Denki Co., Ltd. and is currently under development. More information is available on request.

Note: Details including specifications may change without notification.



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