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All-in-one Disposable PDMS Chip (Under development)

All-in-one Disposable PDMS Chip Photos.png
All-in-one Disposable PDMS Chip Photos Flow Diagram.png

This all-in-one system on a disposable PDMS chip is a microfluidic module designed for cell culture. It has peristaltic pumps, miniature valves, and a built-in cell culture space which can be observed under a microscope. The replaceable chip is sterilizable before use. A remote controller using an Android application is available for this module upon request.

This is just an example of our integrated fluid control systems. We design and manufacture systems for various microfluidic operations in accordance with your requirements. Please feel free to contact us.


1. This system is jointly developed with Aquatech Co., Ltd. and Fukoku Bussan Co., Ltd.

2. Details including specifications may change without notification.


October 01, 2013 00:10 AM