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Announcement of µTAS 2012

Takasago Electric, Inc. will exhibit a wide range of fluidic solutions at the 
16th International Conference on Miniaturized Systems for 
Chemistry and Life Sciences (µTAS 2012). The conference is scheduled to be held 
from October 28 - November 1, 2012, at the Okinawa Convention Center, Japan. 
Our exhibits will include micro pumps, miniature solenoid valves and fluidic modules
integrated with control devices, etc, which are applicable to µTAS technologies. 
It would be a pleasure to see you at our booth, No. 11.

=============== Highlight of Exhibits ===============

1. Piezoelectric Micro Pumps and Various Fluidic Controls

1) Piezoelectric Micro Pump Remote Control Android Application

2) Flow Control System for Piezoelectric Micro Pump

2. Valveless Piezoelectric Micro Pumps

3. Electro-Osmotic Pumps


=============== Features of Each Exhibit ===============


1. Piezoelectric Micro Pumps and Various Fluidic Controls

The Piezoelectric Micro Pump is a product that is currently gathering a great amount of attention. The SMDP 302/306 standard model is small-sized, slim (25 × 25 × 4.8 mm) and lightweight (approximately 4 g) in comparison to motor-driven pumps. The flow rate can be easily adjusted by changing drive voltage or drive frequency. For the details of the Piezoelectric Micro Pump, please see below.


1) Piezoelectric Micro Pump Remote Control Android Application







This Android application is for the remote control of Takasago piezoelectric micro pumps. Your Android device wirelessly connects to a microcomputer, allowing you to easily switch it on/off and adjust the drive voltage and drive frequency. This controls the flow rate. Using this application, it is possible to remotely control the flow rate of a pump put inside a thermostatic chamber.

Demonstration video (26.7MB) : 


2) Flow Control System for Piezoelectric Micro Pump

This flow control system automatically controls a flow rate by just setting a target flow rate by turning the control knob while checking the monitor. Even when the liquid levels of the vessels change, the flow rate remains stable. The system supports a wide range of flow rates from a few μ/min to a few tens of ml/min through the selection of a suitable pump and flow sensor. At µTAS 2012, we will demonstrate the prototype of this system.


In addition to the above, we will exhibit a Low Pulsation Micro Pump Module. This is a module to manually adjust the flow rate of a piezoelectric micro pump to the μl/min level using a micro needle valve. At the booth, we will demonstrate the output flow from the module using a micro flowmeter.


2. Valveless Piezoelectric Micro Pump

This piezoelectric pump has an entirely new structure that does not incorporate any check valves. It utilizes a unique internal flow path that has different flow resistances in the forward and backward directions. This simple structure is expected to contribute to mass-production at low cost. It is also suitable for integrating into a chip.


3. Electro-osmotic Pump

This is a small and ultra-lightweight pump that has no pulsation and moves the liquid using the electro-osmotic phenomenon. The pump can theoretically be designed to support a pressure of around 2 MPa. It is used for delivering water, methanol or ethanol. Although it is not currently on sale, we will start providing it for R&D purposes in the near future. Because of its unique features, the Electro-osmotic Pump potentially has many applications, such as an on-chip pump, miniature pump unit for a potable HPLC, etc. At µTAS 2012, we will exhibit a pico-pipette system as one application example. We will also demonstrate a basic model of this pump delivering liquid.



In addition to the above exhibits, we will show various products including a pen-type syringe pump and ultra-small chemically inert diaphragm valves, etc., which may contribute to your µTAS applications.


=============== Exhibition Outline ===============

The 16th International Conference on Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences (µTAS 2012)


Date: October 28 - November 1, 2012

Location: Okinawa Convention Center

Ginowan City Okinawa, Japan

Takasago's Booth Number: 11



Takasago supports µTAS 2012.



If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us or our U.S. branch office.



===============The U.S. branch office===============

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