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Manifold Prototypes as Quickly as in a Week

Takasago Fluidic Systems will start a new service, "Prototypes as quickly as in a week" from 17 July 2012. Rapid evaluation manifold prototypes would be ready for you as quickly as in a week - a huge reduction in lead time from the regular delivery time of 40 days. This service will be a strong support for you to optimise a manifold unit configuration or to accelerate your R&D process.



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The one-week lead time is applicable when a ready-to-use CAD drawing (2D or 3D) is provided and the manifold material is in our stock. In case of Polyphenylenesulfide (PPS), various sizes are usually available in a week. Manifold mountable valves with orifice diameters of 0.4 mm to 3.0 mm are available for your selection (See the picture above).

Please contact us for details.



July 13, 2012 00:07 AM