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SOLENOID-DRIVEN SHEAR VALVE 2-position 6-port Valve



      For Sample Injection or Metering

   in a LC (Liquid Chromatography)


Features of 2-position 6-port Valve

This is the first solenoid-driven linearly-actuating valve that realises the same functions as a motor-driven rotary valve. As it is solenoid-driven, a stepper motor or a driver is not required. It is economical and easy to operate, comparing to the conventional rotary valve. 


Example of Connections 



Specifications of 2-Position 6-Port Valve  

Model Number



Orifice Diameter

0.4 mm

Port Connection


Operating Pressure Range

0 500 kPa

0 2.5 MPa

Fluid Temp. Range

5 50 °C

Ambient Temp. Range

5 50 °C

Rated Voltage

12VDC, 24VDC

Power Consumption

 23 W

(3.6 W holding

with power save electronics)

 18 W

(3 W holding

with power save electronics)

Internal Volume

9.0 μl

Life Expectancy

100 thousand cycles (not guaranteed value)

Wetted Materials

PTFE, PEEK, SiC (Silicon Carbide)

This product carries a circuit that controls the voltage by timer. It is not recommendable to run the ON / OFF cycles at over 0.5 Hz.


Dimensions of 2-position 6-port Valve


Demonstration Video of 2-position 6-port Valve 

For more videos, please visit our Product Videos Page.


Note: Details including specifications may change without notification. 


October 06, 2011 00:10 AM