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Invitation to MicroTAS 2011 in Seattle

We will exhibit our very small - sized products at MicroTAS 2011 held 3 - 6 October, 2011 at The Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, USA. MicroTAS 2011 is a premier international forum for microfluidic systems, nanotechnology, etc. We hope to see you at our booth #4 at the exhibition.

===============A Wide Range of Microfluidic Devices ===============

Although the miniaturisation of fluidic chips is progressing in the field of "Microfluidics," the miniaturisation of peripheral devices to provide fluids to these chips, such as pumps, valves, etc. is still insufficient. We have been endeavoring to realise the miniaturisation of these components and assist in reducing the size of the system as a whole using our techniques cultivated as a leading manufacturer of valves and pumps. Accordingly, the following very small devices will be exhibited.

1. Micro Peristaltic Pump
2. Micro Needle Valve
3. Pen-Type Syringe Pump - Micro-step version
4. Solenoid-driven 2-Position 6-Port Switching Valve
5. Highly Inert Piezoelectric Micro Pump


=============== Main Exhibits ===============

1. Micro Peristaltic Pump
The flow rate is around 1 microlitre / min, which is the smallest level of flow for a single peristaltic pump on the market anywhere in the world. Unlike a syringe pump, it is suited for circulatory flow or continuous flow for long periods. It is stepper motor driven and various methods of control are possible. Its extremely small size of 6 x 24 x 16.2 mm, facilitates easy installation anywhere such as on a microscope stage, etc.

2. Micro Needle Valve
This is a manually operated needle valve with dimensions of dia. 9.3 x 47.6 mm. It is most suitable for flow control of less than 1 microlitre /min. Furthermore, by using it together with the Micro Peristaltic Pump mentioned above, it enables the mitigation of flow pulsation.

3. Pen-Type Syringe Pump - Micro-step version
This is a remarkably small pump with outer dimensions of dia. 12 x L 153 mm (excluding the needle and sensor case). The difference of this micro-step version from current version is that micro-step driving is possible with the built-in stepper motor. Accordingly, it is furnished with the following excellent features.

-Theoretical resolution as small as 0.21 nl (at 1/100 micro-step).
-Continuous operation possible.
-Minimum operating temperature improved from 10
to 5
-Enables smooth microfluidic pumping.

This small pump is also very light and really embodies the word "portable".
It can be installed on a microscope stage or on moving parts, etc. The wetted materials are glass (barrel) and PTFE (tip). For the needle type, stainless steel is also used as a wetted material.



4. Solenoid-driven 2-Position 6-Port Switching Valve
We will be exhibiting a 6-port switching valve. As it is driven by a solenoid, a stepper motor or driver is not required, making it economical and easy to operate. It can be used for sample metering or injection in a liquid chromatograph, etc. The sample volume is easily adjustable by changing the tube length (the sample loop). We will be demonstrating fluid injection using a sample loop at the exhibition.



5. Highly Inert Piezoelectric Micro Pump
The Highly Inert Piezoelectric Micro Pump uses only PEEK, PTFE and perfluoroelastomer as the wetted materials. It is most suitable for aggressive chemicals, solvents, etc. It is small-sized, slim (33 × 33 × 9 mm) and lightweight (approximately 17 g) in comparison to motor-driven pumps. A typical flow is 15 ml/min, which is comparatively easily adjusted by changing the drive voltage or drive frequency. Self-priming is also possible. We will be demonstrating a newly moulded type of this product.



In addition to the above products, other small fluidic devices for analysis will also be exhibited.

Furthermore, we are pleased to provide advanced and extensive integration services. Please feel free to inquire. 
For more details, please refer to .
Demonstration video:

=============== Exhibition Outline ===============

Exhibition Title: MicroTAS 2011 (The 15th International Conference on Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences)
Date: 3 - 6 October 2011
Location: Washington State Convention Center
800 Convention Place
Seattle, WA 98101-2350, USA
Our Booth Number: 4

The booth will be staffed at all times during the exhibit hours, and our dedicated staff will be waiting for your visit. If you wish to have a detailed meeting, please let us know a time convenient for you in advance so we can schedule a meeting with you. If you are unable to visit the exhibition site but you have interest in the above products, please contact us. We will be happy to provide any details you require.

If you have any questions, please feel free to inquire. 
We are looking forward to seeing you at our booth (#4).

September 21, 2011 00:09 AM