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Molded Quaternary Valve for Reducing the Cost of the Low-pressure Gradient Unit in a Liquid Chromatograph


The Quaternary Valve is a kind of manifold valve where due to its structure the four channels from the valves all join at one point and connect to the common port (the central port of the product in the above picture). The lengths of the four channels are the same and the flow rate of each is almost identical. This structure is designed to maintain a high accuracy of the mixing ratio of multiple liquids. The product is often used to mix several kinds of eluant gradually in a low pressure gradient unit in a liquid chromatograph. In addition, it can be used to mix chemical liquids accurately or to dispense equal amounts of one kind of liquid. 


Since a high processing accuracy is required at the junction of four channels, the manifold bases of almost all of the conventional models, including those of other manufacturers, are manufactured by machining, which results in an increased cost. With advanced moulding techniques, TAKASAGO has achieved the moulding of this junction in PEEK, and we are happy to provide you with our Quaternary Valve at prices conventional models cannot match.



Due to the moulding, the surface of the channels is very smooth. Furthermore, each diaphragm valve is individually replaceable. Various customisations including improvement of the response time of the solenoid valves are also possible. Please feel free to ask us for the details. 


Specifications of the Quaternary Valve 

(The specifications depend on the mounted valves and the followings are for the case of the CTV series valves.)

Model Number



2-way N.C. (Normally Closed)

Orifice Diameter

1.2 mm

Port Connection

M6 (Optionally 1/4-28UNF)

Operating Pressure Range

A ~ D 0 ~ 50 kPa

E -65 ~ 150 kPa

Fluid / Ambient Temp. Range

5 ~ 40 °C

Rated Voltage

12 VDC, 24 VDC

Power Consumption

3.5 W × 4

Duty Cycle


Insulation Class

Class B

Dielectric Strength

1500 VAC for 60 seconds

Wetted Materials


Perfluoroelastomer (Partially used as a gasket at the connection between the individual valves and the manifold base. It is not directly exposed to the flow path.)

Dimensions and Flow Pattern of the Quaternary Valve

(The specifications depend on the mounted valves and the followings are for the case of the CTV series valves. The dimensions of the manifold base are common.)



 Note: Specifications etc. may be changed at any time without notice.


We have various manifolds or fluidic chips, which can reduce the flow path length. 



June 21, 2011 00:06 AM