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What is ” TAKASAGO”

whatisTakasago.jpgTakasago is originally the name of a place. The city of Takasago is about 80km west of our ancient capital, Kyoto. It is said that there was an old pine tree in Takasago and that the spirit of that pine tree was the spouse of another pine tree.
Based on this myth, an ancient Japanese play called Noh was written approximately 600 years ago. The story was about a couple of pine tree spirits who lived a long and happy life together. This Noh, titled Takasago, was very popular and influenced other aspects of Japanese culture. For instance, it was a common custom to sing a song taken from Takasago at wedding ceremonies and the custom still exists today. "Takasago" is supposed to be a happy word and this is why many Japanese shops, restaurants, and companies use the name Takasago. This is particularly true in the wedding industry.

May 02, 2011 00:05 AM