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Proportional Diaphragm Valve -NPV Series-

Features of Proportional Diaphragm Valve

         Has a very high chemical resistance due to all PTFE wetted parts.

         Flow controllable by changing the input voltage.

         Has a comparatively large orifice diameter of 4mm, which can cover a wide range of flows



Flow Characteristics of Proportional Diaphragm Valve



Specifications of Proportional Diaphragm Valve

Model Number

NPV-4T1/8 (1/4)


N.C. (Normally Closed) Proportional type

Orifice Diameter

4 mm

Wetted Material

PTFE (Valve Body, Diaphragm)

Operating Pressure Range

0 100 kPa

Flow Control Range

0 30 l/min (ΔP=10 kPa, Air)

0 4 l/min (ΔP=100 kPa, Water)

Power Consumption

7 W (at 24 VDC)


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April 27, 2011 00:04 AM