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Highly Inert Piezoelectric Micro Pump – APP Series –


Uses only PTFE, PEEK and Perfluoroelastomer

as wetted materials.

Most suitable for aggressive chemicals, solvents, etc.


Features of Chemically Inert Piezoelectric Micro Pump

         Small-sized, lightweight and slim.

         Typical flow is 15 ml/min, which is adjustable by changing drive voltage or drive frequency.

         Low noise and low power consumption.

         PPS or FPM is optionally available as wetted materials.

         Self-priming is possible.


Specifications of Highly Inert Piezoelectric Micro Pump

Model Number


Pump Type

Piezoelectric Diaphragm Pump

Flow Rate

15 ml/min (typical)

Pump Pressure

25 kPa

Drive Voltage

60 250 Vp-p

Drive Frequency

10 60 Hz

Suction Load Pressure

1.0 kPa

Operating Temperature

5 50 ˚C

Wetted Materials

PTFE, PEEK (polyether ether ketone) and Perfluoroelastomer

External Dimensions

33 × 33 × 9 mm


17 g


External Dimensions of Highly Inert Piezoelectric Micro Pump

APP_20KG_dimentions.jpgNote: Details including specifications may change without notification.



Standard type 
    Large flow type     SDMP D series     Highly inert type

February 08, 2011 00:02 AM