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μTAS 2010

At μTAS 2010 (the Fourteenth International Conference on Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences) held 3-7 October 2010 at the Martiniplaza Congress Center in Groningen, The Netherlands, we will be exhibiting a range of miniature valves, pumps and various chips suitable for micro-scale fluid control. Amongst the products on display will be the Pen-Type Syringe Pump (dia. 8.8 mm), the Ultra-Small Inert 2-Way Solenoid Valve (4.2 mm width), the Piezoelectric Micro Pump and also the Chip Analysis Demo-Module that our vales and pumps integrated together, is controlled by LabVIEW.


===========EXHIBIT DATES & TIMES===========

Monday, 4 October 07:00 - 18:00

Tuesday, 5 October 07:30 - 17:15

Wednesday, 6 October 07:30 - 17:15

Thursday, 7 October 07:30 - 11:00


Martiniplaza Congress Center

Groningen, The Netherlands


Our Booth Number: 27


For the general information on μTAS 2010, please visit at



< Main Exhibits >

1. Experimental System (Demo Unit) for the Easy Computational Control of Fluid Flow to an Analytical Chip
This experimental system enables the easy computational control of microlitre quantities of fluid within an analytical chip, by using ultra-small syringe pumps (outer dimensions: Dia. 8.8 mm x L 83.9 mm) and miniature inert valves. The computational control is performed using the program, "LabVIEW" by National Instruments, which is graphically intuitive. We believe that this demonstration will prove a good example of the technical service our company can offer, especially to customers who are considering adopting an experimental system that requires microfluidic control.

Demonstration movie: 

Two-Liquid Mixing System for μTAS  


2. Ultra-Small Glass Syringe Pump ("Pen Type" Glass Syringe Pump)

Glass is newly incorporated as the barrel of the pen type syringe pump line-up, which has up until now been made of acrylic (PMMA). This new type is a pen-size and lightweight syringe pump of only dia. 8.8mm and 33 g. Such features make it most suitable for installation on moving parts, portable systems, in situ analytical instruments, etc. Its syringe capacity is 100 microlitres. This pen type syringe pump is used in the above demonstration unit. In addition to the needle model, a No.6-40UNF threaded port model and a special attachment model to connect with our small 3-way valve are also available.  

Pen Type Glass Syringe Pump 


3. Solenoid-driven Slider Valve

The solenoid-driven slider valve is a kind of shear valve in which a shutter called a "slider" moves vertically and shuts off the flow path. The pumping volume which occurs when a diaphragm valve opens and closes, or the dead volume in which some fluid may stay is reduced to almost zero to prevent reduction of accuracy in analysis or fluid dispensation. Furthermore, the pressure capability of this slider valve is greatly improved, and it can be utilised as a sample injector.

<Image of Internal Structure>
Slider valve (2-way)

 Slider valve (3-way)


  4. Inert Piezoelectric Micro Pump

The feature of excellent chemical resistance has been added to our piezoelectric pump line-up. The new APP series uses only PEEK and perfluoroelastomer as its wetted materials. This chemical resistance expands the possible usages of piezoelectric micro pumps. Whilst being small-sized, lightweight and slim (33 x 33 x 9 mm, approx. 18 g), it can still provide an approximate flow rate of 20 ml/min and is self-priming. The flow rate is adjustable by changing drive voltage or drive frequency. This pump is best suited to pumping chemical liquids etc. for instruments in the fields such as analytical chemistry, clinical diagnostics, etc.  

Inert Piezoelectric Micro Pump


 5. Diaphragm Proportional valve

We have developed a diaphragm isolated proportional solenoid valve for chemical liquids, the wetted materials of which isare PTFE only. It has a comparatively large orifice diameter of 4 mm, which can cover a wide range of flow rates. It can control the flow rate in proportion to the input voltage. You may wish to consider employing this valve in an automated flow rate control system linked to the feedback signal from a flow meter.

Flow rate control range: 0 - 1500 ml/min (water 10 kPa)           Voltage control range: 14 VDC - 24 VDC

Diaphragm Proportional valve  Diaphragm Propotional Valve - Flow Rate Characteristics


We look forward to seeing you at μTAS 2010.

September 03, 2010 00:09 AM