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Welcome to Takasago Fluidic Systems, a leading manufacturer of valves, pumps and manifolds

Application of Takasago’s products

Having developed in excess of 500 different valves over 50 years, Takasago has established itself as a leading manufacturer of valves and other microfluidic devices. With this experience and knowledge about fluid-handling and precision control, we have been providing high quality custom-made products for multiple applications below.


    Diagnostic instruments such as clinical chemistry analyzers, immunoassay analyzers, blood cell counters, automatic glycohemoglobin analyzers and urine analyzers

    Biotechnology equipment for DNA analysis, cell culture, cell handling, peptide synthesis, etc, such as genetic analysis equipment protein purification equipment etc.

    Dialysis machines

    Environmental measuring instruments for water, air, flue gas or automotive exhaust gas

    Analytical instruments including liquid/gas chromatographs

    Ink-jet printers

    Semiconductor and LCD manufacturing equipment

    Fuel cells


    Others (space development, portable chemical spraying equipment, fluid control devices for beverages, etc.)



June 09, 2010 00:06 AM