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μTAS Module (with disposable chip)


This is a demo module exhibiting the mixing and dispensing of two liquids in a chip with Y-shaped internal channels. It is a very compact module (with dimensions of W72 x L125 x H48.2 mm) that is composed of ultra-small syringe pumps and ultra-small inert valves, and is suitable for applications such as μTAS, Lab-on-a-Chip and point-of-care testing (POCT). The chip is made of bonded plastic layers so as to be economical in mass production and disposable. The controller for the operation of this module has a touchscreen that allows users to easily set the dispense volume or the method of dispensing (simultaneously or alternately).


This is just an example of the modules we provide. Besides this, we design and manufacture modules according to your requests to control liquids in various chips. Please feel free to ask us at contact if you are considering making an experimental device for μTAS etc.

March 11, 2010 21:03 PM