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Zero Pumping Volume Valve – Solenoid-driven Slider Valves


The solenoid-driven slider valve is a kind of shear valve in which a shutter called a "slider" moves vertically and shuts off the flow path. The pumping volume which occurs when a diaphragm valve opens and closes, or the dead volume in which some fluid may stay in the valve is reduced to almost zero, preventing reduction of accuracy in analysis or fluid dispensation. Furthermore, the pressure capability of this slider valve is greatly improved.

Image of Internal Structure


Features of Slider Valves

No pumping volume, as there is no structural change in the internal volume when the valve operates.

An excellent fluid exchangeability compared to a diaphragm solenoid valve due to its almost linear flow path and very small internal volume.

Easily controlled compared to a motor-driven rotary type shear valve because the slider valve is simply driven by the ON-OFF operation of a solenoid and no special driver is required. It is also compact in size.

Pumping Volume Comparison

(Flow rates of the N.C. ports when turning on/off 3-way valves)


Measurement method: Measure the flow rates at the N.C. ports with a micro flowmeter when turning the valves on/off while filled with water and with the COM. and N.O. ports plugged.

These data are provided by Fujii T. Lab, Institute of Industrial Science, the University of Tokyo.




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December 07, 2009 11:12 AM