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Film Chip (Patent Pending) Under development



Movie>>> 1224 KB / 5.4 MB

Application Example Video>>> 698 KB / 2.5 MB - Ultra-small Solenoid Valve FV Series and Film Chip with Y-Shaped channel configuration.

The Film Chip is small, lightweight and made by engraving precise channels in layers of bonded chemically-inert Polyimide (PI) etc. Compared to the current acrylic manifold, the Film Chip exceeds in chemical inertness and can be significantly smaller.
Furthermore, with a minimum layer thickness of only 75 μm, the Film Chip has the following notable characteristics.

1. Bendable.
2. Easy control of channel temperature


  Comparison with Acrylic Manifold


Film Chip 

Acrylic Manifold


Note: Film Chip is developed in cooperation with SOHKi Co., Ltd.


For more details, please visit at Film chips

June 15, 2007 00:06 AM