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Ultra-small Diaphragm-isolation Valve FV Series / Latching Solenoid Valve FLV Series (Patented in the US)


- Small size of 4.2mm square: 4.2 x 4.2 x 23.1mm

- Diaphragm valve

- Low Internal volume only 1.1μl

- Latching Solenoid Valve (FLV Series)


Diaphragm-isolation Valve FV Series

The size of this diaphragm valve is just 4.2 mm square. This is an innovative and groundbreaking ultra-small solenoid-driven diaphragm isolation valve. The internal volume is now only 1.1 μl which contributes to reductions in reagents and improvements in accuracy.

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Diaphragm-isolation Valve FLV Series

This valve is a latching solenoid valve in which the open and closed state of the valve is maintained by magnetic force. Contributes to low power consumption, because electricity is consumed only when energized. With the size of 4.2 mm square, it is an innovative and groundbreaking ultra-small solenoid valve with an internal volume of just 1.1μl. This diaphragm valve is suitable for micro fluidic control.

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December 01, 2005 00:12 AM