TFS Takasago Fluidic Systems

EOP-Driven Micro Pumping Unit


  • Employs electroendosmosis – generates no pulsation and no operation sound.
  • Smaller and lighter than a conventional syringe pump or pressure-driven pump.
  • Low power consumption – can be operated using batteries.
  • Easily adjustable flow. Linearly proportional to applied voltage.

Internal Structure (Image)

This pump unit utilizes an electro-osmotic pump (EOP) as the pressure source. The liquid to be delivered is discharged when pressure is applied to the diaphragm by the working liquid (ethanol) as it is pumped from the left to the right of the EOP in the picture. Suction is also possible by reversing the polarity of the applied voltage.


Working Liquid Ethanol
Wetted Materials PC、FPM
Flow Rate 0 - 100 µL/min
Max. Pump Pressure 800 kPa
Power Consumption 0 - 10 mW
Pump Capacity 250 µL
Weight 45 g


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