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Technical Information

Influence of the internal-volume upon accurate analysis

Operation Principles of Latching Solenoid Mechanism

PTFE Seals


Metering pump -Adjusting the discharge of the metering pumps-

Pinch Valve Structure

Metering pump -Recommended installation position-

Double Voltage Operation

Metering pump -Standard test conditions-

Metering pump -The effect of operating frequency on repeatability-

Metering pump -The effect of suction height on pumped volume-

Metering pump - Effect of ambient / fluid temperature -

Metering pump -Other factors that may affect pumped volume-

Takasago's metering pump

Lead Wire Thickness Notations Used In Our Technical Information

Mechanism of Peristaltic Pump

Internal Structure of Solenoid Diaphragm Valve

Thread Sizes

Pinch Valve Types

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