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Internal Structure of Solenoid Diaphragm Valve

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Takasago's solenoid diaphragm valve consists of two parts. One is the valve part, which opens and closes the flow path, and the other part is the actuator part, which operates the valve part. A  membrane (diaphragm) inside the valve isolates these two parts from each other. The diaphragm prevents fluids running inside the valve part (made of highly inert plastics such as PTFE and PEEK) from flowing into the actuator mainly made of metals. This function of the diaphragm prevents fluids from corroding the actuator. Over the cycles of operations, metal dusts etc. are generated from the actuator, and the diaphragm also prevents the dusts from mixing into fluids. 

This structure is ideal for applications such as sampling devices of analytical instruments and medical instruments, which do not tolerate impurities. It is also suitable for handling acids and chemicals which corrode metals. A valve with this kind of structure is also called "(chemically) inert valve."

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Takasago Fluidic Systems provides you with various solenoid diaphragm valves.

Please visit the list of our solenoid diaphragm valves.

If you don't have any suitable diaphragm valves for your application, please feel free to ask us.

We will be pleased to offer you our customizations to meet your requirements.


Our list of solenoid valves are shows as below. 

Solenoid Valves

Solenoid Diaphragm Valves
Solenoid Diaphragm Valves

These are solenoid valves with a structure whereby the fluid does not come into contact with the metal parts of the solenoid through the isolation of the valve and actuator (solenoid) sections with a diaphragm. Highly inert materials such as PTFE, PEEK, PPS etc. are used for the parts in contact with the fluid, giving a design that can be used for a wide range of fluids. See more details.

Pinch Valves
Pinch Valves

These are a type of solenoid valve that directly pinches tubing made of a soft material such as silicone in order to open and close it. The only wetted material is the tubing, therefore cleanliness of the flow path can be maintained and cross-contamination avoided through changing tubing after use. See more details.

Non-diaphragm valve
Non-diaphragm Valve

The structure of this solenoid valve is such that the fluid comes into contact with the actuator part (solenoid). Compared to diaphragm solenoid valves, it has some charactristics, for example, a higher pressure resistance by making use of the fluid pressure, a reduced pumping volume and an improved response time, etc. 
See more details.

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